InVenture Chattanooga Programs

The InVenture programs provide entrepreneurial and career-readiness after-school and summer programs for urban youth in economically disadvantaged communities.

The cause of long-term poverty is typically identified as a lack of opportunity–inadequate educational opportunities, inadequate job training, inability to afford or find child care, inadequate transportation or discrimination. The corresponding solution is to supply opportunities, like the InVenture programs, that address discrimination and lack of opportunity through the provision of entrepreneurial training and programming.

Teachers and mentors guide students in creating and transforming business ideas into viable business plans through the creation of products or services. A partnership with the Chattanooga Public Library will allow students to then sell their products, thereby providing the students with ancillary income.   The primary goals of the program are to help students learn practical business skills while teaching them adaptability, persistence and problem-solving skills.

Programs include: TEC Box, InVenture Day, and Social Entrepreneurship

TEC Box (1st through 5th Grades)
Tinker. Explore. Create. (TEC) Box is an experiential learning and maker movement activity that actively engages learners, encourages them to think for themselves, work hard, and ultimately learn more. TEC Box was developed to introduce youth to the idea of entrepreneurship; encourage active listening that leads to empathy, facilitate creative problem solving, and focus on the non- technical aspects of entrepreneurship. Through the TEC Box program, your students will engage with entrepreneurship and utilize their innovative spark!


Inventure Day for Middle School Youth (Middle School)
Using innovation and creation, InVenture Day youth form teams to develop a unique business around a given product. Teams move through the INVENTURE Factory, completing challenges that work to develop their business idea. At the end of the assembly line, teams present their ideas to local business mentors. For each INVENTURE Day, a winning team is chosen and awarded a cash prize.


Social Entrepreneurship Learn and Earn Pilot Program

Social Entrepreneurship Learn and Earn Pilot program focuses on practical work youth can do in their own communities, and leads them through the ideation and creation of a business and marketing plan. The Social Entrepreneurship curriculum is an excellent opportunity to reach young people and enable them to explore and create opportunities for themselves while supporting their community, building a career foundation and becoming better examples for others.